What is an Exhibit Designer?

Museum Exhibit Designer <– This post explains the basics of a Museum Exhibit Designer.


Here are some other options or areas of what an Exhibit Designer can do for a museum as well as for mainstream marketers, vendors, and even zoos. Take a Look!

Being an Exhibit Designer as a trade can sometimes mean unstable work flow although I would think the big jobs payoff well. I’ve seen a lot of Exhibit Designers own their own firm or work for a design company if they are not fulltime at a Museum.

My career path change is just in the beginning stages, but ultimately it would be a dream of mine to own my own Exhibit Design firm. I would want to encompass all types of exhibit design and be able to send out teams to brainstorm and construct what ever the particular client is needing. Having teams of designers, artists, carpenters, electricians, etc. is always helpful since I can’t possibly learn or do everything myself.


Speaking of Exhibit Designing, an update to my endeavors:

I have recently started interning at a small Art/Artifact Museum. I am helping the Exhibit Preparator with the permanent exhibits as well as with the changing art exhibits. In just the short time that I’ve been there I have already learned an invaluable amount of knowledge AND been assigned my first design/re-design project dealing with their antiquities section of their permanent collection. I’m super excited to have that opportunity so quickly! It’s such a great start to this change in my life.