Museum as Creative Hotspot

Museum as a Creative Hotspot <– This article compelled me to start brainstorming about community involvement and community connection for museums. (Honestly, I’m always in a state of brainstorming it seems.)

source: flickr by trbuh

source: flickr by trbuh

So what if your museum cafe was turned into an afternoon or mid-morning think tank, or even just used for casual conversation and coffee. Either way you are making people more comfortable being there. You could offer questions or challenges that are plaguing the museum currently, like the blogger mentions – just be ready to hear what the community has to say positively or negatively. I think personally I would choose to have speakers come and touch on different topics whether museum related or not.

Here’s why – Libraries are getting it right! (or at least this one)

Of course libraries are looked at more commonly as a community gathering location anyways, but besides the extensive amount of books, museums can do the same things! Just tweak the topics a little bit to fit your particular museum if you want. I mean a Modern Art museum might not want Ancient History lectures but why limit it. I see quite a few museums already doing this in their education programs, but what about a weekly topic or even weekly networking meet-ups for the community and different career areas. I think the more and more you see certain museums adding things to their community programs, the more and more popular these museums become. And not just popular in their community, but even in the museum world as a whole, because people, museum professionals and others, ARE talking about them!

So lets start being collaborative and brainstorming together. NOTHING is off the table!