Career Paths

I was reminded the other day of how seemingly far behind I am when it comes to chosen career paths. I honestly have the choice of 3 different paths right now:

1. Clerical Work in Higher Education or the Oil & Gas Industry (where I am currently)

2. Singing (questionable pay source and working hours)

3. Exhibit Design (still acquiring technical & professional skills)

Some of these may require more schooling which I can’t afford because I’m paying off the last bout of classes and some just require me to show up and do what I know to do.

But what I really want is to combine my love and passion for design and history into an over all human experience. Instead of people looking through the glass of a caveman exhibit at the natural history museum, I want people to be able to enter into the exhibit and experience all five senses (touch see, hear, smell, feel). Is it possible? I have no idea and I feel so behind on current technological advances that I might not be able to give more than a brainstorming of ideas, but I want to be able to come up with SOME concrete ways of how to achieve the goal of these human experience. I want to have those connections if I need someone who knows how to set up an app based exhibit, or knows how to create a holographic program. But where do I begin? I really think grad school is a far off goal due to cost and time. The only schools that offer exhibit design programs that encompass a wide variety of skill trainings are on the coasts and I can’t move right now. I have a family and my husband and I have good paying jobs to be able to pay off the insurmountable and unfortunately common school debt that we have from our bachelors and his masters. And why aren’t we using those degrees you might ask? Welllll we kind of are. Some companies just look for you to have that piece of paper to hire you. And in some ways we are using the experience and life skills that we learned in college, but maybe just not the actual focus of the degree. Anyways that’s a whole nother rant in its self for another day, another time.